Utforsk en verden av investeringskunnskap. Verdifulle tekster som vil lære deg en ting eller to. 

Mauboussin, Callahan, MajdThe Base Rate Book: Integrating the Past to Better Anticipate the Future
Charlie MungerThe Art Of Stock Picking
Robert G. KirbyThe Coffee Can Portfolio
Warren BuffettAn Owner's Manual
Investment Principles & Checklist
Terry SmithShare Buybacks Friend or Foe?
Value Avatar Benjamin Graham
John ChewTeledyne and a Study of an Excellent Capital Allocator, Mr. Dr. Henry Singleton
Jason ZweigLessons and Ideas from Benjamin Graham
Jeremy SiegelValuing Growth Stocks: Revisiting the Nifty Fifty
Joel GreenblattSpecial Situation Investing Classes at Columbia University Business School
Li LuThe Prospect of Value Investing in China
Michael J. MauboussinThe Importance of Expectations
Michael J. MauboussinTurtles in Omaha
Philip A. FisherThe ‘growth’ investment philosophy
Seth KlarmanThe Value of Not Being Sure
Charlie MungerThe Best of Charlie Munger: 1994-2011
Warren BuffettThe Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville
The Boston Consulting GroupThreading the Needle: Value Creation on a Low-Growth Economy
Ben InkerBack to Basics: Six Questions to Consider Before Investing
Julian Robertson“My concept of value has changed
Maria Crawford ScottThe Ralph Wanger Approach: Growth at a Reasonable Price
Maria Crawford ScottDiversifying Among Investing Styles: The James O’Shaughnessy Approach
Maria Crawford ScottIt’s Quality That Counts: The Fisher Approach to Stock Investing
Maria Crawford ScottValue Investing: A Look at the Benjamin Graham Approach
Maria Crawford ScottThe T. Rowe Price Approach to Investing in Growth Stocks
Li LuThe Practice Of Value Investing
Mauboussin, CallahanIncreasing Returns: Identifying Forms of Increasing Returns and What Drives Them
Hadziefendic, Nyland, Dybvad
A Deep Dive into Shareholder Value Creation by Acquisition-Driven Compounders

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